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I am a fellow teacher who in 2011-2012 went through their first year of teaching.  I found that as the year went on there were certain questions and actions that would have been helpful to know and do at different times of the year.  I know that as a first year teacher I was nervous, did not know where to turn, nor the questions that I should have been considering during this time.  Now, as I move on to future years of teaching I hope to combine all of the hints, tips, and more into one location to not only help myself and my organization but to help other first year teachers and teachers in general.

A little about me and my classroom.  I am a Physics teacher.  I love Physics.  I also love education in general and many of the tips on this blog are designed for any teacher in general to apply to their experience.  Some of the resources I attach along with examples, due to the fact that I am a Physics teacher, will have to due with science.  Along with this, there will be topics with a Physics bent for those interested in the Physics.  However, many of the methods and tools can be applied to other subjects as needed.  Thus far, in my experience I have taught two levels of Physics and an introductory science course of Physical Sciences, basically the freshmen and seniors of the high school with a sprinkling of juniors.  Therefore, if certain tips seem to apply or are more effective for different levels, I will share how I have used them at the various levels.

This blog is meant to help out first year teachers in things they may want to consider on their journey as first year teachers but also for teachers who have been teaching for some time to offer feedback and who may find some hints or tips of their own to incorporate and change up for their own classrooms.  Feel free to comment with your own stories or tips.

Thank you for stopping by!

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